How to write a conclusion for an essay on Kafka

It's often the case that after writing a complex essay you may feel that you have nothing else to say and in fact, it's half-true because you've already said everything you feel is necessary. But it is this fact that makes it easy because what you put in the conclusion is mainly what you remember most.
So what exactly should it say?
There are three main things to consider when learning how to write a conclusion for an essay:
A conclusion should:

  • give the essay a sense of completeness
  • stress the importance of the thesis statement, and
  • leave a final impression on the reader.
  1. Answer the question "So What?
    What does your paper bring to the table, what does it show that makes it meaningful and useful? In other words, you are asking the question 'so what?'
  2. Synthesize, don't summarize
    It's not enough to just repeat what you've said in the main body, you need to show the reader how the examples and points you made fit together and not random.
  3. Create a new meaning
    Through creating a new picture you are showing how the ideas within the essay have worked together


Here are some strategies you can use to really finish with a bang.

  • Reflecting the introduction
    A good strategy is to echo what you stated in the introduction. In this way, you can prove your opening thesis statement and bring the reader full circle. In other words, you are proving what you set out in the first place.
  • Challenge the readers beliefs
    Challenge the reader and help them to look at the subject matter in a new light. It makes the argument that you have brought something new to the subject in the conclusion for essay.
  • Pose questions
    By posing questions either to the reader or on the subject as a whole you are forcing them to look at the subject in a new light as well as bringing together your main ideas.

Remember the conclusion to an essay is the final piece of the work that the reader will see and is the last chance to bring all the ideas you have presented together. It is the point in your essay where you can drive home all the points you have made thus far into a clear and concise point which should ultimately gain you the marks you desire. If you follow these tips on how to create a good conclusion for an essay you can apply them to any essay and not just one based on Kafka.

Pay attention to details

There are so many students who have had their grades improve through this, and you will be in a good position to enjoy the same benefits it you pay attention to these tiny details.

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