Crafting a symbolism essay about The Great Gatsby

You must've heard about symbolism in books and stories, because there is often at least a little bit of it in every book. The Great Gatsby is full of symbolism, where some of it is obvious and other is hidden. The characters are there to emphasize the ideas and to add to the story of course. If you have to compose and essay about the great gatsby, than you probably want to get some useful tips on how to do that. An essay on the great gatsby can be written in many different ways, but we would recommend to write the great gatsby symbolism essay. You will have the opportunity to discuss it in a better way. So, here are some tips for you:

  • The character of Daisy is a great way to show the symbolism in the book. She represents moral corruption. She is wearing a white dress, where this color is a symbol of innocence, but Daisy is the complete opposite of that.We see that for Daisy, money plays a big role and that she even leaves Gatsby because of Tom's money.You can write about her and how she represents moral corruption and you can find the parts where her actions showed that.
  • The Valley of the Ashes is also a sign of symbolism. It is a billboard with eyes that stare at the the people. This could be interpreted as God's eyes that see all the corruptness and lack of moral. You can talk about the situations where corruptness was obvious and there are also examples where we can see that the Valley of Ashes represents the eyes that see everything.
  • You can also see symbolism in the colors in The Great Gatsby. They provide more information about the American Dream and the characters. Every color symbolizes something and you can talk about that a lot. The colors represent the lives they lived and how they lived them. Try to find connections when it comes to the colors and explain it in several paragraphs. You can also talk abou the topic of the American Dream. Every character is trying to achieve that and they make a lot of damage as they are going further. There is symbolism when it comes to moral and destruction. Try to find these examples and start your paper. Support the arguments and findings with examples. You can also order custom writing or purchase essays online at low price here. We are sure that you will get a good grade that way!

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