Thought-Provoking Ideas For College Essays About Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque is a very popular novel, where we are able to experience the World War I. It is a book that can be discussed over and over again. If you have to write a paper about it than we have some good ideas for college essays. We know that it can be though to come up with an idea and that is why we will help you to get the result you want.

Ideas for argumentative essays

Based on the book, you can discuss whether or not, young men should join the army and risk their life for it. Those young men in the book were destroyed by the war and they gave everything. The book is not about bravery , but it shows us the different circumstances and how the soldiers handled them. Even the time between the battles was a battle. They had difficulties with food, and they were not trained as they should've been which means that they had low chances of surviving in the war. The soldiers had a life in front of them full of love and happiness, and they had to give it away for war. Discuss and tell your opinion about whether it was worth it or not and if it was fair to do that to them.

Another topic you can focus on when it comes to the argumentative essay, is to write about Paul's experience when he killed a man. He feels bad for it, but the others try to tell him, that it is part of the war. You can discuss and tell your opinion on when killing is fine in war and when it is not. Talk about different situations and compare it to the book. Find some examples and support your arguments.

Ideas for personal essays

Paul's psyche has been influenced by the war and he feels like he is not the same anymore. The town is the same as it was when he left, but he feels like he doesn't fit there anymore. It is strange to him and he doesn't feel comfortable. Paul's father asks him questions about the war, that don't make sense and he doesn't understand that this topic is not something you can talk about with ease. However, he is still close to his mother, who is dying and he has a great relationship with her. When he has to leave, he talks to his mother and they are worried for each other. It is very emotional. You can use this theme and write about a personal experience when you have felt like you have changed because of something or when you have had to say goodbye, but knew that you wouldn't see this person anymore. Share your story and compare it to the novel.

Paul has to watch all the soldiers and friends die. It is very hard for him to deal with everything and he loses hope. At the end of the book, Paul dies too. Try to remember a situation when you have felt like there is no hope and when it seemed like everything is falling apart. What have you done to make it better or have you made it worse by some actions? Give your opinion on what people, especially adolescents should do, when they face difficult and emotional situations. Give some examples from the book and try to tell what you would've done differently. How would you act in the situations where Paul found himself?

Pay attention to details

There are so many students who have had their grades improve through this, and you will be in a good position to enjoy the same benefits it you pay attention to these tiny details.

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