Coming Up With Interesting Essay Topics About The Odyssey

Writing an essay on the odyssey can turn into a difficult task, if you have to choose a topic to write about. There are many things you can pick, but not everything is appropriate for a paper. Essay topics for the odyssey are all over the internet, but we have decided to make a list of odyssey essay topics that are really impressive and where you are able to write a lot about them. Take a look at our suggestions:

  1. The connection between gods and men
  2. Try to describe what role gods have in life? What differences can you find when you compare that to the book. You can tell your opinion when it comes to both cases and sum it up.

  3. Does Odysseus develop as a character
  4. Talk about his characteristics and if he develops through the story at all.

  5. The role of family
  6. You can refer to the book but also compare to real life and tell about the importance of family for you and your life.

  7. The relationship between father and son
  8. You can also be specific and talk about the relationship of the father and son in the story.

  9. The role of women
  10. Discuss the female characters in the story and try to analyze their roles and what influence they have.

  11. Telemachus’s journey vs. Odysseus journey
  12. Compare these two and explain what advantages the younger man has.

  13. Reciprocity in the book
  14. Talk about this important theme of the book and about how the characters get what they deserve at the end. How does it influence the whole story and the characters. Try to explain it in your own words. Find some examples.

  15. Odysseus analysis
  16. You can analyze Odysseus and his characteristics. Which are bad and which are good. How do they help him or make everything worse for him.

  17. Hospitality
  18. This is an important topic in the book, so try to analyze it and explain why it had such a great influence on Odysseus. Why is hospitality important in real life?

  19. Fidelity
  20. Talk about fidelity in the book and how important it was to some characters and why it wasn't that important to others. Try to find examples and support your arguments. You can compare it to the real life.

If you want to find more interesting topics and get more ideas for the essay, then read more about it at this link.

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