Composing A Powerful Essay About Kite Runner

The book Kite Runner is definitely a must-read. It was written by the talented Khaled Hosseini. The story is about a boy, his best friend and his father. He was raised in a country with many obstacles and difficulties. It is a really good book you can use to write a powerful kite runner essay. A lot of people can relate to this novel and to the characters and this is what makes it so fascinating. If you have to write the kite runner essay, and don't know what you should focus on, than here are some of the kite runner essay topics we would like to recommend.

First, we would like to give you some tips, before you start writing:

  • You should, of course, read the book in order to be able to write about it.
  • Pay attention to the characters and most important events.
  • Take notes while reading, they will help you after, when you start writing the paper and analyzing the events

These tips will help you to understand everything and to make it easier for yourself. If you don't know what the book is about, you won't be able to count on a good grade. You will maybe find a way to write about it, but it will lack on quality. Try to analyze everything and read carefully.

  • The characters
  • You should pay attention to the characters and their values. Try to analyze every character and decide on which character you would like to focus on. You obviously can't mention everyone, because that would be too confusing and you would have to write more than needed. Make sure to take notes about them and try to connect them with each other. Keep in mind that Amir and Hassan are the most important characters and it would be good to focus on them. You can also mention characters that are important for those two and try to find a relation.

  • Their role in the novel
  • Now, you should think about their role in the book. They are not there by accident and every character is there for a reason. Try to analyze that reason and write about it. Think about the main character and his characteristics. What can you conclude? How was he? Think about other characters and the connection between them. You will be able to write a lot about that.

  • Most important events
  • If you were taking notes about the events, than you will find it easy to write about them. What caused these events and what is the outcome. What can you conclude from it. What did lead to some of the events and what mistakes have been done? Try to write about it and think about the different actions of the characters.

    If you focus on these topics, you will be able to compose a very powerful essay, that will definitely impress your teacher. Try to think about it and analyze the different aspects. Good luck!

Pay attention to details

There are so many students who have had their grades improve through this, and you will be in a good position to enjoy the same benefits it you pay attention to these tiny details.

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